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Connect suburbs and residential areas to local transport hubs or trunk lines to smooth the intermodal journey. Overcome the difficulty of planning and running a bus line in widespread residential areas. Reduce waiting times and attract more passengers compared to a fixed line service running on a rigid schedule. Increase the resiliency of the public transport network with an improved service on the last and first mile.

Rural Transport

Create an inclusive, connected, and cost-efficient On-Demand transport service in less dense and rural areas for citizens to move around easily. Savvy allows you serving multiple municipalities and towns in an area optimizing coverage and waiting times. Our software allows you to gain in operational efficiency while guaranteeing an inclusive service through our advanced phone booking capabilities.

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Accessible Transport

Increase the availability and efficiency of your accessible transport service with a bespoke booking app and enhanced pooling that can account for complex business logic. Our software automatically matches the demand of passengers with specific needs with adequate vehicles and properly trained drivers. By combining commuting with leisure trips, you contribute to increasing the autonomy of disabled passengers while increasing the utilization of your vehicles. Accounting for special needs in your on-demand transport offer has never been so close to hand.

Taxi Sharing

Upgrade your current taxi service by adding a shared ride mode when, where and how you need it. Use Savvy as your ride-hailing solution with a powerful off-the-shelf pooling function. For the client, the convenience of an On-Demand service remains the same but with a reduced carbon footprint at a lower fare. By adding a vertical to your business, you increase the utilization of your fleet and diversify your revenue basis while contributing to decongesting our streets.

School Transport

Flexibilize trips of the young to, from and after school making them less dependent on their family to move around. Resolve parents’ major headache of driving their kids around. A flexible offering empowers the young while parents do not lose control through their parent portal showing them when, where, and by whom their children are being transported. Tap into the market of better organized family mobility.